Diversity Statement

The Society of Mississippi Archivists (SMA) reaffirms its commitment to the importance of diversity and inclusion. SMA strongly rejects any acts of hate, discrimination, bias, or intimidation against anyone on the basis of ability, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

We are committed to supporting our members in their work during these challenging times. We stand by the Core Values of Archivists and the Code of Ethics for Archivists to guide our practices and beliefs.

We welcome our members to review the Society of American Archivist’s Core Values, Code of Ethics, Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, and Public Policy Agenda, which underscore our responsibilities to preserve and provide access to a documentary record that protects rights, supports accountability, and reflects the diversity of society as a whole. This includes working actively with communities to document those whose voices have been overlooked or marginalized. We welcome your recommendations for how we can encourage diversity and inclusion within SMA, the archives profession, the historical record, and the communities we serve.