2022 Virtual Conference

Below is the schedule for SMA’s 2022 virtual conference, held on April 21-22. Slides and video links are listed beside each presentation where available.

Thursday, April 21

8:30-9:00: Welcome from the SMA President (Mona Vance-Ali, Archivist, Columbus-Lowndes Public Library)

9:15-10:15: Session 1A – “Program Guide for Archives” (Victoria Patrick, MLIS Student, University of Southern Mississippi) Program Guide | Slides

10:30-11:30: Session 1B – “Gathering Collections for Underrepresented Groups in Your Archive” (Mandy Lawrence Hornsby, MLIS Student, University of Southern Mississippi) Slides

11:30-12:30: Lunch

12:30-1:30: Session 1C – “Reorienting Perceptions of Racism: A Case Study of the Equal Justice Institute’s Legacy Museum” (Rori Holford, MLIS Student, University of Southern Mississippi)

1:45-2:45: Session 1D (Panel)

“Descriptive Equity and Historic Sheet Music” (Jennifer McGillan, Coordinator of Manuscripts, Mississippi State University and Lauren Geiger, Metadata Librarian, Mississippi State University)

“Metadata Musical: Perspectives on Digital Archives Management” (Xavier Sivels, History PhD Candidate, Mississippi State University) – Winner of the Distinguished Student Presentation award

Friday, April 22

8:30-9:30: Session 2A – “Digital Collection Cliff Notes: Repackaging Research in a Virtual Environment” (Jennifer Brannock, Curator of Rare Books and Mississippiana, University of Southern Mississippi and Elizabeth La Beaud, Digital Lab Manager, University of Southern Mississippi) Slides

9:45-10:45: Session 2B – “Disaster Stories: Using The Stories of The Past To Influence The Present And Future” (Jeff Hirschy, Professor of Library and Information Science, University of Southern Mississippi) Slides

11:00-12:00: Session 2C – “New Faces, Old Materials: Engaging First Year Students in Archives and Special Collections” (Hali Black, First Year Experience Librarian & Learning Design Coordinator, University of Southern Mississippi) Slides

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-2:00: Session 2D – “Pivot! Pivot! Engaging Primary Source Literacy through Semi-Virtual Game Experiences” (Autumn Johnson, Special Collections Librarian, Georgia Southern University) Slides

2:15-3:15: SMA Board Meeting & Closing Remarks (all SMA members are invited!)