County Records Inventory Project

With supplemental grants from NHPRC, for the past three years MHRAB and MDAH have sponsored a county records inventory and technical assistance project throughout the state. Led by MDAH Local Government Records Officer Tim Barnard, archivists have inventoried the pre-1920 county records; evaluated the storage and preservation of the records; and provided customized recommendations and consultations to county officials. The project first worked in Mississippi’s fourteen territorial counties, and then gradually moved northward, focusing primarily on the counties formed between 1818 and 1833. By June 2013, the staff had completed work in fifty-three counties. All completed inventories are now available on the MDAH Web site, During the upcoming year, project staff will work in fifteen more counties: Benton, Calhoun, Chickasaw, Clay, Coahoma, Grenada, Issaquena, Lee, Leflore, Montgomery, Quitman, Sharkey, Tate, Tippah, and Union. This work will continue until all counties have been inventoried, with expected completion in 2016. For more information about the records inventories and local government records in Mississippi, please contact Tim Barnard at 601-576-6894 or